Collection: Dressings for the Prevention & Treatment of Pressure Injuries

These products should always be used under the guidance of a Health Care Professional.

For patients who are either immobile or less mobile than usual, avoiding a pressure injury is critical.   pressure injury, also known as a bedsore or pressure sore, develops when prolonged pressure restricts blood flow to the skin. This lack of blood flow causes skin cells to die, leading to the formation of a pressure injury.  Initially, it appears as a red, painful area, which can progress to purple and eventually break open if left untreated.   

In a World Union of Wound Healing consensus document on the role of dressings in
pressure injury prevention, dressings such as Mepilex Border Flex, Mepilex Border Sacrum and Mepilex Border Heel were identified as not only suitable dressings for treatment of such injuries, but also the prevention of them.  

Mepilex® Border Heel & Mepilex® Border Sacrum

Absorbent self-adherent foam dressings for the heel and sacrum areas. Added benefits:

  • Thicker borders to minimise rolling and to allow efficient handling
  • Optimised seal for enhanced protection
  • Enhanced coverage of high-risk areas
  • Additional handling tabs to easy viewing and reapplication

Always read the label, follow the instructions for use and consult a Health Care Professional if you have any concerns or questions.  

Dressings for the Prevention & Treatment of Pressure Injuries