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Winter Skin: What happens to skin in cold weather?

From the heart-warming aroma of a flat white to the snug embrace of an Aussie Rules scarf, winter in Australia has its unique perks. Yet, amidst these seasonal joys, there’s a less welcome guest, the impact of the cold on your customer’s skin. To navigate the winter woes and keep skin as vibrant as the harbour city itself, here are some Aussie-centric tips for cold weather skincare that you can use to advise your customers this season. 

What happens to the skin in cold weather? The arrival of the cooler days and nights can leave skin feeling drier than in summer, taut, and flaky.  The culprits? A trio of:

  • Temperature tumble
  • Humidity drop
  • Indoor heating

NSW winter sees us flitting between brisk outdoor air and the warm embrace of the heated interiors. This constant shift is not just a wardrobe juggle but also a moisture-draining challenge for skin. Add to that the dryness of the air, a dip in natural oil production, and the occasional itch from a favourite woolly jumper, skin craves extra hydration. 

How does cold weather affect skin conditions? Even the most nourished skin feels the sting of winter, so it’s no shock that conditions like eczema and psoriasis might also flare up. The dry, crisp air can deplete skin’s moisture reserves, leading to more frequent outbreaks, particularly on exposed areas like hands and faces. This can be an upsetting side effect for many of your eczema prone customers.    

Epaderm® can help.  Clinically proven to improve skin hydration in 2 weeks1, Epaderm Cream and Ointment can be used in conjunction with each other to combat the complex conditions that are eczema and psoriasis.  In fact, over 80% of people saw improvement in skin softness and moisture after 4 weeks1.  Suitable to use on all ages, including babies2, Epaderm is a great choice when advising your customers on what to use on their dry winter skin and is now on planogram, available in all TerryWhite Chemmart stores.    

If you're a Pharmacists and would like to stock Epaderm in store, all sizes of Epaderm Cream and Ointment are now available to buy via the Symbion shop portal.

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