Dry Skin and the Menopause - How Epaderm can help.

Dry Skin and the Menopause - How Epaderm can help.

Somewhere between the ages of 40 and 58 most women enter menopause. This is when the ovaries stop releasing eggs, periods come to an end, and the production of estrogen begins to decline.

Estrogen is a powerhouse hormone. It stimulates maturation of a girl's body at puberty. It helps keep a woman's bones strong.

Another thing estrogen does is stimulate the formation of skin-smoothing collagen and oils. That's why, as menopause approaches and estrogen production diminishes, dry, itchy skin becomes very common, says Elizabeth Tanzi, MD, co-director of the Washington Institute of Dermatologic Laser Surgery.

In addition to the decline in estrogen, skin loses the ability to hold onto as much water as it used to.  As a result, skin can become dry. This can be especially noticeable when the air is dry in the cooler months.

The following can help combat dry skin:

  • Wash with a mild cleanser instead of soap such as Epaderm Ointment. For mature skin, soap can be too drying.

  • Apply moisturiser after bathing and throughout the day when your skin feels dry such as Epaderm Cream. A moisturiser with glycerin (which Epdaderm Cream has) can be especially helpful.

  • See your dermatologist if your skin still feels dry. Exfoliation or microdermabrasion may help, but please speak with your dermatologist before trying any of these. 

Visit these helpful sites for more information healthline.com  or womenshealthnetwork.com

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